Twitter For Dummies

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A fully updated new edition of the fun and easy guide to getting up and running on Twitter

With more than half a billion registered users, Twitter continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This handy guide, from one of the first marketers to discover the power of Twitter, covers all the new features. It explains all the nuts and bolts, how to make good connections, and why and how Twitter can benefit you and your business.

Fully updated to cover all the latest features and changes to Twitter Written by a Twitter pioneer who was one of the first marketers to fully tap into Twitter’s business applications Ideal for beginners, whether they want to use Twitter to stay in touch with friends or to market their products and services Explains how to incorporate Twitter into other social media and how to use third-party tools to improve and simplify Twitter

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AdMan - last year

Too much filler

Movie Maker (Wash, DC) - last year

Comprehensive “Twitter for Dummies” is both a “how to” guide and the illustrious story of Twitter, all rolled into one. Meticulously researched and impressively organized, the book includes everything anyone would want to know about Twitter.Be advised however, the title of the book is not, “Tweeting Made Easy.” As the authors so aptly point out, “… crafting your Tweets is a real art. Some of the most popular tweeters have large followings because they’re good at writing attention-grabbing Tweets….writing and sharing in only 140 characters… definitely takes some getting used to.” That said, I can report that following the guidance in this manual (and the references cited therein) has helped me in drafting more effective and meaningful Tweets. I am also more mindful of what not to tweet.In addition, this book has helped me to diligently review who I follow (and who follows me) and trim users who are no…

นิรนาม - last year

Twitter for Dummies certainly contains a great deal of information about Twitter and about using Twitter. However, it’s over the head of a Genuine Computer Dummy like myself. To set up a Twitter profile one needs a 160 character bio, and Twitter for Dummies does not explain how to upload a bio. The first time I searched by name Jim Smith I found, as expected, many Jim Smiths. When I clicked on one of them I could read twitters to his account, but I was subsequently unable to access all the other Jim Smiths. Twitter for Dummies does not address this problem. If I can find someone to explain how to get past these roadblocks, I am sure that I will encounter many others as I continue to explore Twitter. If you are already a successful Twitter user and would like to improve your Twitter experience, or if you already have a high computer literacy (I do not) and can do things on computers even without explicit instructions, then you may find this book useful. But if your are a Dummy…

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