Marketing For Dummies

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Covers everything from essential marketing principles and techniques to the latest methods and trends

Want to sharpen your marketing skills to promote your products and services? Whether you’re introducing a new product or jumpstarting your existing marketing plans, Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition, helps you get a handle on such basic marketing concepts as the four P’s-product, pricing, positioning, and placement – and boost your sales with innovative new approaches.

Packed with over 25 percent new and revised material, this practical, savvy, guide shows you how to treat every aspect of interacting with customers-including customer service and the product itself – as an opportunity to grow the organization. You’ll learn how to prepare hard-hitting campaigns, plan a marketing budget and stick to it, and seize new opportunities to increase customer awareness and appreciation of your product or service.

Explains Internet and search engine marketing to work for you Helps you identify customers where you least expect them Offers tips on using online resources to size up competitors Covers effective product positioning in a crowded marketplace Introduces guerilla and global marketing

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to expand your customer base and boost sales, but you will need a little help from Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition.

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Monica M. - last year

Great for excellent marketers-to-be 🙂 I’m a weird hybrid of a graphic designer and a marketer. Usually graphic designers don’t like meddling into marketing world but as in my country an artist is not very well valued I just HAD to learn about Marketing and I like it 🙂 I think I have natural skills and being a GD is just a great plus! Normally Marketers are not GD’s and it becomes a problem because a Marketer has to handle graphic material almost all the time! So for me it is pretty convenient hehe :DNow I ordered this book because sometimes one can forget about some very important things in this wide world of Marketing. A. HIam gives you just the tips to improve your skills and working with plans that actually work.He states the main subjects very easy to understand and also in a very practical way.I believe this book is not for beginners, nor for pro’s. I think it is just for us average Marketers who want to improve a lot and then moving on on harder books. I say it is not for…

นิรนาม - last year

นิรนาม - last year

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