iPhone For Seniors For Dummies

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The easy way to make the most of your iPhone – updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

iPhones are a lot of fun but they can be a bit intimidating right out of the box. Whether you’re ready to take your first stab at texting, want to reap the benefits of having the Internet at your fingertips, or just want to keep up with family, this hands-on guide gives you easy to follow information with non-technical explanations to get up and running with your new iPhone  – fast. 

The iPhone combines three products—a mobile phone, an iPod, and a portable game console—into one ultraportable device. Boasting a sleek, minimalistic design with a larger screen and keyboard than those tiny phones of yesteryear, it allows you to send and receive e-mails and text messages, make FaceTime video calls, capture, share, and store photos and videos, get directions with GPS maps, listen to your favorite music, watch YouTube videos, store and synch your contacts, play games, and so much more. 

Covers iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and other iPhone models in a straightforward, fun language Large text and drawings make the book accessible and easy to read Full color format provides helpful screenshots that bring the instructions to life Offers guidance on buying and getting started with your first iPhone Provides senior-recommended apps

Once you get comfortable with your iPhone, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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Gregory - last year

A book that DEFINITELY DOES NOT make any assumptions about the reader’s knowledge. Basic, but thorough.

Retired Guy - last year

Very well done and accessible to seniors This book was a hit with my 92 year old father in law. He was an aircraft mechanic in WW2 and was always very handy around the house, but the newer electronics were quite a challenge for him. He was the kind of man who would test the vacuum tubes in the TV, but solid state electronics were something he had to learn about in his eighties. Because we had provided him with a Dummies book to help him with his first laptop, he was comfortable with it, learned the Internet, and had even decided to try his hand at digital photography, When we finally convinced him to give up his flip phone, he did a lot of reading and ordered an IPhone As soon as he received it, he began carefully reading the instructions, but he had a tough time because he had no knowledge of the terms involved. Since we had given him a copy of one of Nancy Muir’s Dummy books last year, and he liked it, we surprised him with this one as well. The attention to large color pictures, one to a page, and the clear step by step…

Ron Ciccone - last year

Very Helpful

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