Illustrator 9 For Dummies

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llustrator 9 For Dummies will show newcomers and experienced users alike how to easily get up to speed and start creating great artwork with the brand new release of Adobe Illustrator. Authored by Illustrator’s product manager and foremost Illustrator expert Ted Alspach, this will be the best introductory book ever on the world’s number-one professional illustration tool. Packed with great information and plenty of humor, this book is the fun and easy ticket to becoming an Illustrator artiste with out any of the pain!

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Elizabeth Klisiewicz - last year

This is not a book for beginners I’ve been using Illustrator 8 for awhile and decided to pick up this book to come up to speed with Version 9. In fact, I bought it because the reviewers on this site recommended it so highly. Unfortunately, I disagree with the other reviewers: this book is a real disappointment.One thing I expect from a book like this is an overview of the various tools, but the author never summarizes the tools or their icons in one central location. Descriptions are scattered throughout the text. As you go through the various procedures to create artwork, he refers to these tools but forgets to show a picture of the tool he refers to. This forces the user to go through the toolbox until they find the right tool and even then, I am not positive because the tooltips don’t always show up. I write user documentation for a living, and while the dummies books don’t fall into the same class, I still expect basic information at my fingertips.The information on paths is poorly explained…

Susan Wolicki - last year


A Customer - last year

Useful, excellent, and detailed

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